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Aging with health

How to get healthy and have a long life?

Many wonder if aging means losing the health and well-being of living.

But is this statement correct?

The answer can vary a lot, because when we reach the stage of old age our body points out everything we did during adulthood, that is, we can not pay attention to health and well being only when we grow old, but when we are in adulthood, because it is precisely at this stage that we prepare ourselves to grow old with health.

But after all, what practices can we adopt to make this healthy aging a reality?

There are countless factors that can contribute to a healthy aging, among them we can mention the correct diet, the good quality of life and even the practice of sports that besides fun prepares our body to face adversities.

Some scholars point out that at each hour of physical exercise we gain two hours of life, so it's time to run after injury and live longer. So we can conclude that all the actions we take during our lives have short- and long-term consequences

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