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Lymphatic drainage is usually associated with the area of aesthetics, however the practice can bring several benefits that go well beyond beauty, and promote health.
This technique is able to release the toxins found in our body and increase the autonomy of the body's immune system, which prevents contagious diseases.

What many do not know is that lymphatic drainage can be used in sports.The so-called lymphatic massage for athletes, is done by a professional soon after the training or test and collaborates with the rest of the muscles that are usually very required during this activity.

Besides the athlete feel relaxed and calm, he prepares better for a possible competition or proof, because according to some experts in physiotherapy the option for this practice can increase physical performance.

Do not give up on your health because of lack of time or lack of interest.
There are many techniques that can help you to improve your life, do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

To know more: The lymphatic system has the function of removing excess fluids from the body and transporting them to the circulatory system.

Are you starting to practice physical activities and have you felt an unusual swelling in parts of the body such as hands, legs, ankles and belly after practicing physical activity?

Know that this can be a troubling symptom of fluid retention.
The retention of liquid happens for innumerable reasons like hormonal changes, lack of exercises, bad feeding and the excess of medicines.

Alert: If this swelling is recurrent and in the whole body, we must be careful, as this may indicate a problem in the heart or liver.

Is there any solution to stop fluid retention?

Obviously there are no miracle practices to eliminate the problem quickly, however, sports massages that have been gaining more and more sympathizers around the world can combat up to 80% of fluid retention, as they are responsible for improving blood circulation that avoids this inflammatory process of the muscles.
The assistance of a professional with extensive experience with this type of practice is essential, because when it comes to our health and well being we must take the maximum care possible.

Your health has no price.

How to get healthy and have a long life?

Many wonder if aging means losing the health and well-being of living.

But is this statement correct?

The answer can vary a lot, because when we reach the stage of old age our body points out everything we did during adulthood, that is, we can not pay attention to health and well being only when we grow old, but when we are in adulthood, because it is precisely at this stage that we prepare ourselves to grow old with health.

But after all, what practices can we adopt to make this healthy aging a reality?

There are countless factors that can contribute to a healthy aging, among them we can mention the correct diet, the good quality of life and even the practice of sports that besides fun prepares our body to face adversities.

Some scholars point out that at each hour of physical exercise we gain two hours of life, so it's time to run after injury and live longer. So we can conclude that all the actions we take during our lives have short- and long-term consequences